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About LegionofFallenangels
Legion of Fallen Angels: 13/13 Normal HFC, 13/13Heroic HFC & 5/13 Mythic HFC
We welcome all players from new to experienced.
Here, at Legion, you don't just join a join a family.

New members that are interested in raiding - speak to Lockro or Edmundo.

We highly recommend you visit this page =

Here's a few videos of our raids =

Main GM = Edmundo
Co-Gm/Bank Regulator = Lockro
Co-Gm/Raid Leader = Jimario
Co-Gm = Sierrâ (Edmundo's boss), Orick & Medgirl
Officers: Wbk, Worwegian (PvP Team Leader), Willo, Feathers & Xygun
Guildies that deserve a special thanks & mention = Deji, Herbyheals, Muktao, Penelopy, Moonbrew, Keglord, Sabalon, Falgorn, Xsurani, Stinkerbell & all other guildies on the roster.
No FB Yes FB Hand (smaller) Lap 40.063em Desk 64.063em Wall 90.063em